Free Transform Ticket

This Year, We are Playing to Win. Ready?


Are you ready to take your coaching or healing business to the NEXT LEVEL?

TRANSFORM is a 3-day live event created for YOU, the CONSCIOUS BUSINESS OWNER


Heart-Centered Sales

  • Master the different buying styles, so sales become effortless and enjoyable.
  • Overcome objections graciously and effectively, so more clients say ‘yes’!

Authentic Marketing

  • Discover what’s hot and what’s not, from social media, to video, and more!
  • Create messaging that resonates with, and attracts your ideal clients.

Mastering Money

  • Identify the business models to maximize your income, and profitability
  • Remove hidden money blocks that are sabotaging your earnings

Mindset Techniques

  • Experience the best techniques - like EFT Tapping, visualization and more, to find and eliminate your business blocks.
  • Discover the secret to “playing to win” in your business, so you skyrocket your confidence.

Networking & Connection

  • Surround yourself with like-minded coaches, healers and transformational entrepreneurs who support you.

Whether you’re just starting out, or growing past the six-figure mark, Transform will help you turn your business into the amazing success you know you can achieve. 

From the person sitting next to you in the morning, to the transformational entrepreneur you have lunch with, to the business owner you connect with at the cocktail reception, you’ll have an experience that gives you a new vision of success, and the connections to achieve it. 

Showing up is the first step towards Playing To Win

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this year’s Transform be the same as last year’s?

As a conscious business owner, you will always be in a different position than you were in previously (especially after an entire year!) Every year, I craft the Transform experience to appeal to all levels of experience, so no matter where you’re at in your business, there will definitely be something new for you to discover. 

I haven’t finished the Signature System Blueprint program yet, can I still come?

Of course! This event is designed to meet you where you’re at, no matter how far along you are in your business. The things you’ll learn at Transform are also an amazing addition to your learning, and will help you be even more prepared for a successful business. 

Is the hotel included with the event ticket?

Your hotel room is not included, but we do have a room block for Transform attendees so you can get a discounted rate. These rooms will go quickly though, so don’t wait to book! We also encourage you to upgrade to the VIP package, which includes exclusive lunches every day of the event.

Will I be left out if I’m just starting or I don’t even have a business yet?

Absolutely not. Transform is an open and welcoming environment for potential and current conscious business owners. If you’re just starting, Transform will provide you with the best strategies for taking those big first steps, so you can push through that tough learning curve with ease! You’ll also be surrounded by like-minded coaches, healers and consultants who have been where you are and who will help guide you along the way to your own success.